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loans upto 5 lakhs in an instant! 

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Apply now for Personal and Business loans upto 5 lacs with hassle free documentation and online application process.

Loan Review

Our loan review process is simple and efficient, it checks several parameters to approve your loan.

Loan Approval

We have just 72 hour loan approval policy for every completed loan application for personal or business loans.

Loan Disbursement

After approval the loan amount is disbursed within one working days.



Be the company of choice in financial services for our customers, employees, communities, recognized for innovation and high ethical standards.


  • We are a responsible financial services partner.

  • We drive financial inclusion.

  • We foster innovation in everything we do.

  • We deliver solutions and products for customer delights.




Being transparent, fair and guided by a strong, clear sense of ethics at all times.


Appreciating and celebrating the potential and power of differences and welcoming multiple perspectives, views, ideas and cultures.




Our Teamwork | Creating Value

From strategic staffing to recruit & retain the right talent, to training & mentoring processes that are designed to accelerate professional development, every staff personnel goes through a deliberate evolution that enhances their competence in delivering impeccable quality. All employees, irrespective of their grade or seniority, are trained with the most experienced minds in the work on both technical and behavioral skills. Our technical skills training enables new recruits to upgrade themselves to Sunita Finance standards and our veterans stay abreast of the quality standards that we pioneer. Our Inhouse training programs with our veterans equip our employees with the soft skills that distinguish them from their peers in the industry.

Our Collaboration | Propelling Growth

There is a reason why Sunita Finance has one of the largest talent and creative pools, both in terms of quality as well as experience. Where the natural instinct of most of the companies is to scrimp on manpower costs or try and outsource the same, we invest in optimizing our in-house potential with a synergistic workforce of committed individuals, who help maintain our immaculate quality benchmarks. Customer satisfaction is one of the specific areas of focus at Sunita Finance where each customer is dealt with exhilaration for a long-time association and we pride ourselves on the services that reflect that. This modular method of planning, allocating and managing technical staff has been a vital factor in the sucess of the company.


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Sunita Finance is located in the midst of city Raipur. We have a plethora of finance options in our arsenal, Sunita finance is focused on fulfilling the requirements of our customers. We offer Financial Services for personal, business, home and vehicle finance loans to satisfy their varied needs. Please visit our office to Know more.

Director's Message

Our business has been built for long-term sustainability. This is led by a vision to be the organisation of choice in the financial services sector, and be recognised for innovation and high ethical standards. This guides our decision-making and inspires us to drive multi-pronged growth. We have established ourselves with incisive awareness of Chattisgarh's rural and semi-urban markets. Leveraging this knowledge, we have grown our businesses with focused teams, working with a high sense of ownership and responsibility towards our customers and communities.


    Director, Sunita Finance


I am happy and thankful for the support I have received from you people. Without you guys, I can’t imagine such a fast & smooth process for my personal loan application. A Big Thank you for all the services.

—  Anitha S, Raipur


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