About Us 

‘Sunita Finlease Ltd.’ is a flagship company of Sunita Group established in 1985. The company is rated by CRISIL, RBI registered Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and is proud to be a member of CIBIL.

Having incepted back in 1985, when times were quite different, Sunita finlease delivered financing solutions to those who needed it the most. The company is registered as non-banking financial company with the Reserve Bank of India.


With a plethora of finance options in its arsenal, Sunita finlease is focused on fulfilling the requirements of lower income and middle-income groups of the society. We offer Financial Services for consumer durable,personal, SME, business and asset finance loans as well as women centric loans to satisfy their varied needs. The focus remains on the vast lower income and middle income groups of the society, spread across urban, semi urban and rural areas, and including formal and informal sector. 

We are very proud to be associated with this class of customers since more than 3 decades. Serving this class with an understanding of extending credit where it is due, we at sunita finlease are excited at the vast opportunities this sector offers. 


We aim to acquire a significant market share in financial services distribution with assessment performed from various perspectives of credibility in absence of proper and systematic credit documents, including credit worthiness through other channels.Thus extending financial services to the underpenetrated areas and the BOP segment. 


In our quest to provide first class services, right at the doorstep of masses,we have an institution which works on its core set of values to provide financial solution with 33 years of experience and staff which thrives on innovation and creativity. As financial solution specialists, we are always at your beck and call.Contact us today to get the right solution for your financial needs.

Our Vision

Be the company of choice in financial services for our customers, employees, communities, recognized for innovation and high ethical standards.

Our Mission

  • We are a responsible financial services partner.

  • We drive financial inclusion.

  • We foster innovation in everything we do.

  • We deliver solutions and products for customer delights.

  • We believe in our people and partner in their success.

  • We provide long term and sustainable customer value

  • We are committed to enriching the communities we serve.


Being transparent, fair and guided by a strong, clear sense of ethics at all times.


Appreciating and celebrating the potential and power of differences and welcoming multiple perspectives, views, ideas and cultures.


Collaboration is understanding the power of alliances and communication in an interdependent world and seeking new opportunities and partnerships to grow with.

Our Values


Agility is about being quick to respond to new ideas and situations, understanding change and rising to its challenges by remaining open and positive.


Thinking of new ideas and better ways of working. 


Following the highest quality standards and being committed to delivering the best to all customers.