What Is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor provides financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. Financial advisors, or advisors, can provide many alternative services, like investment management, tax planning, and estate planning. Increasingly, financial advisors are providing a spread of services from portfolio management to insurance products as a one-stop-shop. They must carry the Series 65 license to conduct business with the public; a good form of licenses are available for the services provided by a financial advisor.


  • A financial advisor could be a professional that has the expertise for clients ' decisions around money matters, personal finances, and investments.

  • Financial advisors may go as an independent agent, or could also be employed by a bigger financial firm. Advisors must be licensed to hold out business with clients.

  • Unlike stockbrokers who simply execute orders within the market, financial advisors make informed decisions on behalf of clients and supply guidance.

Understanding Financial Advisors

A financial advisor could be a generic term with no precise industry definition, and plenty of differing types of economic professionals make up this general category. Stockbrokers, insurance agents, tax preparers, investment managers, and financial planners are all members of this group. Estate planners and bankers may additionally constitute this umbrella.

Examples of Financial Advisors

What may pass as a financial advisor in some instances could also be a product salesperson, like a stockbroker or an insurance agent. a real financial advisor should be a well-educated, credentialed, experienced, a financial professional who works on behalf of his clients as opposition serving the interests of a financial organization.

There are some agents and brokers who try to practice during this capacity. However, their compensation structure is specified they're bound by the contracts of the businesses where they work.

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