How To Report Online Banking Fraud

How To Report An Online Banking Fraud

With the increase in the digital lifestyle, particularly with regards to financial exchanges, the danger of money related theft can't be ignored. A false online transaction in one’s bank account, debit, or credit card could be because of e-mail spoofing, phishing or it could have been an act done by cloning one’s card.

  • What to do if there should arise an occurrence of a Credit/Debit Card Fraud?

How To Report An Online Banking Fraud

The second you come to realize that a dubious exchange has been done on your credit/check card, advise the card guarantor right away.

  • How to File a Complaint?

How To Report An Online Banking Fraud

If a fraud related to net banking, ATM transactions, or any other online transaction happens, you have to put a complaint. But, before filing a written objection with the bank or the card issuer, make sure you have at least these following records with you:

  1. Bank articulation of the most recent a half year of the concerned bank.

  2. Make a duplicate of SMSs got identified with the supposed exchanges.

  3. Take a duplicate of your ID confirmation and address verification as appeared in the bank records.

  4. Lodge a grievance in your closest police headquarters clarifying the total occurrence alongside the above reports.

  • Where to file the Complaint?

How To Report An Online Banking Fraud

If you feel that any kind of online fraud or your account has been hacked, then first of all you will have to inform it in your bank and the nearest police station.

In case police refuse to file an FIR, the court can be approached under section 156(3) of the Cr PC.

If you want to register a complaint directly in a cyber cell, you can also do this. The online complaint lodging system for economic and cyber offenses of a few cities are as below:

  1. Chhattisgarh & other states:

  2. Vishakhapatnam:

  3. Mumbai: Email:

  • What you should do

Having informed the bank, according to the RBI leads, the goals must be over inside 90 days. Banks need to credit or converse the unapproved electronic exchange to the client's record inside 10 working days from the date of warning by the client.

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