Updated: May 1, 2020

Aadhaar the world’s biggest biometric database was launched in India in 2009 to streamline welfare payments, reduce wastage in public spending and to make financial transactions more easy and comfortable for the people.Aadhar is the new identity card for the citizens of India. It contains 12 digits unique identity number (UID). Earlier it was being said that Aadhar has been made compulsory and it is essential for all financial as well as some non-financial tasks.

However, there are many facts about Aadhar which makes it unique. Unlike other identity cards such as voter ID cards and PAN cards, there is no age limit to have an Aadhar card. The most important point with Aadhar cards is: it contains your biometric data i.e. your thumb impression and retina identity. These features have made Aadhar much efficient than other identity cards as no fraud and forgeries can be done with it.

Facts to Know about Aadhar

Each and every citizen of the country can be enrolled to Aadhar including the infants. But you have to get the Aadhar updated of your child when he/she turns 5 with the fingerprints and retina scan.

One can be enrolled to Aadhar even if they don’t have valid documents, but it is necessary that they have someone in the family to have the valid documents.

The Aadhaar card holders can also download the digital copy of the biometrics-based identity card.

UIDAI has provided some tools on the portal for the public. These online tools enable people to enroll for Aadhaar card, update Aadhaar card, download a digital copy of Aadhaar card and to get Aadhaar number on the registered mobile number.

Aadhar can make e-verifying Income Tax Returns simple- There are many ways to verify your income tax return (ITR). But e-verification through your Aadhaar number is a convenient way which can be done online. ITR verification becomes simpler if your mobile number is registered with UIDAI.

e-KYC with Aadhar- When you provide Aadhar Card for e-KYC you don’t need to give any other documents. One more benefit of e-KYC with Aadhar is that if you do it with other documents IPV i.e. in-person verification is done but with Aadhar, it is much simpler, an OTP will be sent to the registered number and that’s it.

Get Provident Fund Money on Time- Aadhaar Card is also beneficial for the senior citizens. There are a number of documentation process for the pensioners to start their pension after retirement, this documentation process is cumbersome and time-consuming too. But, registering the Aadhar card in the Bank account and EPF account can make it much simple.

However, to get the benefits from your Aadhaar card, registering your mobile phone number with the UIDAI database is a must. This is not mandatory yet but doing so can make your life a bit easier.

Registering mobile number and bank account gives you hassle-free access to various online services.

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