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Home loan

One step close to your home loan

We understand how special it feels to place the first step into your own new home. It’s exactly why Sunita Finance provides you a bouquet of customised home loan plans to choose from, for a seamless and pleasurable home-buying experience.


How does a Home Loan work?

Home loans are a breather for millennials today. Being funded with upto 5 lakhs of the property cost by Sunita Finance, it becomes easy for any housing loan borrower to go one step closer towards his/her dream home, without bearing a humongous expense at one go!The loan is usually paid back in equated monthly instalments and the amount payable per EMI usually depends on the tenure of the loan, the interest rate, the amount of the loan etc.However, we at Sunita Finance understand that buying a house is not only a sought-after 'next step' for you, but also a valuable investment. So, principally, we intend to simplify the entire process and make it seamless, hassle-free and memorable. Sunita Finance provides housing loans at attractive interest rates.


What are the processing fees for a Home Loan?

At Sunita Finance, we ensure that the home loan processing fees are charged at a minimal amount. Find out more about the detailed fees and charges associated with Sunita Finance Home Loans.


How do you calculate the EMI for your Home Loan?

The amount of EMI payable depends on the amount of your home loan, the interest rate and the tenure you are looking at. We have devised an EMI calculator to ease this process. Get hands on with our easy-to-use Home Loan EMI Calculator and calculate your monthly instalments.


Are you eligible for a Home Loan?

There are some factors which determine whether you are eligible to apply for a housing loan or not. These include your monthly income, the source of your income, your qualification, work and credit history, age and number of dependents, and your future plans. Check out the housing loan eligibility criteria for availing Sunita Finance Home Loans.


What are the documents that you need for a Home Loan?

We aim to simplify the process of getting a housing loan as much as possible, and hence the documents required to apply for our home loan are minimum. Along with your Home Loan application form, you’d need to provide your address proof, age proof and identity proof documents, banking details and proof of your education qualifications. You can view the complete instructional details of home loan documentation to know more.


What is the process of getting a Home Loan?

Applying for a home loan from Sunita Finance is simple. Just fill out your personal details in the form that appears after clicking on the Apply Now button. Get a quote and apply online.

Now you can get a quick home loan sanction within 72 hours*. Sunita Finance offers in principle approval of your housing loan through a paperless process by using your CIBIL credentials.


In a nutshell, Sunita Finance provides you with an affordable Housing Loan right at your doorstep! It is quick, hassle free and comes with a convenient loan disbursement process. It’s time to raise the notch, with Sunita Finance today!




Home Loan Eligibility

We, at Sunita Finance, lay out a simple procedure that enlists the eligibility criteria for Sunita Finance Home Loans. Let us provide you details on housing loan eligibility criteria and what role does it play in the complete process.



Home Loan Eligibility Criteria for an Individual



  • Salaried between 18 and 60 years old

  • Self Employed between 18 and 65 years old

  • Gross Income of Resident Indian Individual:

  • Raipur-Minimum income should be Rs.20,000/month.


Minimum Qualification: 

Graduate when applicant is employed with a private limited company or partnership firm. If applicant is employed with Public limited company or MNC or Government or Public Sector Company then there is no such criteria.


Home Loan Eligibility Criteria for a Partnership Firm / LLP/Indian Company


  • Should be in existence for at least 3 years.

  • Gross Income of Partnership firm/ LLP/ Indian Company:

  • Minimum net income should be Rs.2,40,000/- p.a.

  • Should be in existence for at least 3 years

  • IT returns of HUF for 3 years should be obtained.

  • Net Income of a Family:

  • Minimum income should be Rs.2,40,000/-p.a.


Am I eligible to apply for a Home Loan?


Your eligibility as determined by Sunita Finance will help decide if you can and how much you can borrow. The information that will be required at the time of application includes the location of the property, co-applicants and your basic contact details. Once these details are submitted you shall get a quote online, followed by which, you will be able to apply for a Home Loan. You can check whether you are eligible for a Sunita Finance Home Loan by simply using our Housing Loan Eligibility Calculator.




Documents Required for Home Loan


Are you looking for a sought-after customer-friendly home loan? We, at Sunita Finance, like to offer our customers a systematic and transparent system when it comes to the documentation for Home Loans.


The process of availing a Home Loan starts as soon as an individual obtains a Home Loan Application Form, and submits it to us duly filled and signed. However, many a times, applicants face difficulty while filling up the form, and understanding the specific requirement of documents for home loan. So, in order to facilitate a hassle free process for all our customers, please find the entire list of documents required for home loan.


Documents Required to avail a home loan for a Salaried Applicant -


Photograph (passport size) - 3

Pan card copy (all applicants with relationship proof) – 1 each

Aadhaar card copy (all applicants with relationship proof) – 1 each

Residence proof copy (all applicants with relationship proof) – 1 each

Salary Slips (of all applicants whose income is considered) – last 3 months

Form 16 and ITR (of all applicants whose income is considered) - last 2 years

Bank statement in original where salary credited (of all applicants whose income is considered) – last 6 months

Bank statement of any other bank a/c (of all applicants whose income is considered) - last 6 months

Relationship proof

Details of loan availed with track record (if any existing loans)

All property documents (chain) with sanction map

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